Organic Tower
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Organic Tower

June 2020

Organic Tower was my first webcomic and I've learned quite a few things since 2002, but I've never forgotten where I've started. These characters are still kicking around in my imagination and I've been longing to bring it back.

The comic is dead for now, but it will return in the future. I've rewritten it from the beginning, and it's way better. I've included sketches on this page on some of the new/improved direction I may be taking things with this story. If I can't manage two webcomics at once, Organic Tower may return as a print book that I put out every so often.

I'm currently working on a comic about the American Revolution and punk rock called the The Paul Reveres (since 2009!). Check it out at:

Vane, Marcus

Bernard, Jordan, Angus

Jordan and Mom, Jordan and Marcus, Vane

Any new sketches will be posted to the Organic Tower tag on Tumblr: Check it out!